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Rhino Mats

Xtra-Flex Anti-Fatigue Mat

Xtra-Flex Anti-Fatigue Mat

Xtra-Flex was developed to give a significant advantage when competing with a polyurethane product. The challenge was manufacturing a softer mat with the necessary rebound properties while maintaining the wear characteristics that are the hallmark of Rhino Mats. The elastic properties of Xtra-Flex foam in combination with the Performance Rated Polymeric top surface gives the Xtra-Flex mat a buoyancy and bounce that resemble the natural springiness of walking on a fresh mowed lawn. Every foot movement on an Xtra-Flex mat is absorbed by the Xtra-Flex Microcellular Foam base to reduce any impact effects. It springs back to deliver that small amount of energy back to the feet and provides a vitality that stimulates good circulation, the essence of a healthful life.

Total: From $29.80 
Color Choices
Size Choices
2' x 3' ($79.00, XF-2436)
3' x 10' ($354.00, XF-310)
3' x 20' ($708.00, XF-320)
3' x 5' ($199.00, XF-3660)
Custom Length:
x  (XF-2436)
x  (XF-2436)
x  (XF-2436)
x  (XF-2436)

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