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Rhino Mats

Tritan Extreme Duty Mat

Tritan Extreme Duty Mat

• Tritan Rubber Mat is a tough durable “Almost indestructible” combination of nylon fibers and rubber blended into a Anti-Fatigue Mat that is oblivious to extreme conditions, metal working areas, welding areas, milling lines and forklift traffic.• The drain-thru design allows debris and liquids to drop thru mat.• Tritan stands up to inorganic materials such as caustic soda, white and black liquor, nitric, sulfuric, and hydrochloric acids. It stands up to organic materials such as methylalcohol, mineral oil, ethylene glycol and triethanolamine. Welders Mat, Chemical Resistant Mat, Drain Thru Mat, Forklift Mat, it is one of the toughest mats for the toughest work areas.

Total: From $28.40 
Size Choices
2' x 3' ($57.00, TED-2436)
3' x 10' ($284.00, TED-310)
3' x 20' ($567.00, TED-320)
3' x 5' ($142.00, TED-3660)
Custom Length:
x  (TED-36)
Full Roll:
3' x 25' ($670.00, TED-36)

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