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Rhino Mats

Comfort Quad Drain Thru Mat

Comfort Quad Drain Thru Mat

Comfort Quad Drain Thu Mats are versatile multipurpose rubber mat that adapts itself perfectly to use around machinery in factories, irregular proportions in kitchens or around bars. Any wet area applications, grease-resistant rubber that stands up to machine tool cutting, fluids and similar industrial/commercial situations. Knob back adds to comfort while enhancing drainage. Wet Mat that is recommended for work areas that use grease or other liquids. Comfort Quad has an open interlocking lug on 4 sides, making it easy to assemble many components to fit your coverage requirements. Sections are 16" x 16" x 3/4" and at 6 lbs. each, light weight, easy to handle and clean. Bevel strips and corners are available in "safety yellow" as well as black.

Total: From $5.30 
Size Choices
16" Bevel Strip ($7.50, CQB16)
16" x 16" Mat ($20.60, CQD1616)
8" x 8" Corner Piece ($5.30, CQC)
Yellow Edges:
16" Bevel Strip ($9.50, CQB16-Y)
8" x 8" Corner Piece - ($8.50, CQC Y)

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